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  1. While I still read regular books, I do love using my Kimdle app to read. I travel to various meetings and find myself eating out alone quite often. Having my E-Reader makes my meal time so nice. I can sit and relax while reading and enjoying my meal.

    I also enjoy the fact that I can get current top selling books and other books recommended by various book lists and reader friends through Overdrive. Additionally, I do occasionally grab a free book from sites offering those. When I taught classes on using tablets, I shared sites where students could get free books in addition to checking out library books. So very nice for my senior citizen students.

    Finally, I have to admit, sometimes it is nice to be able to comtrol the font size as I read. There are times lighting just is not as nice as Imwoild like and with my tablet, that isn’t a problem.

  2. E books help your anxiety level surrounding finishing one book and not having a new one with you. Plus, it’s so much lighter to carry them all. ❤️ #eBookLove

  3. I’m reading “Again, But Better” on my Nook every night before I go to sleep. I really look forward to my special time so much that I sometimes fall asleep holding my Nook!

  4. As a busy mom I’m frequently at the library for the kids. But alas, I never have an opportunity to peruse the adult section (which is on a different floor than the children’s section). Overdrive allows me to do some adult reading (mostly non fiction for me) on my own time, from my own couch! Or on the go at the kids’ activities! Or waiting at school pickup! Or.. etc etc etc!


  5. I especially love reading ebooks because I can make the print size as large as I need it to read without “readers” on. NICE!!

  6. As an incurable insomniac my nose is buried in a book at least eight hours a day. I love the convenience of E-books and the sheer quantity I can fit onto my device, as well as the decreased risk of nasal trauma upon closing them.

  7. Thank you to the public library! I enjoy my audio & ebooks, luv having whole library in palm of my hand. Enjoying Mastery by Robert Greene on lunch break at this moment. #Ebooklove

  8. Love reading and lists to audio books. Never own a ebook would love to get one. I borrow books and audiobooks from the library all the time.#ebooklover.

  9. I am an e-book junkie and have owned an e-reader since 2007, when the original Kindle went on sale. I’ve bought and library borrowed and read hundreds of e-books since then. Currently, I’m reading “Middlemarch” by George Eliot and “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” by Yuval Noah Harari, Two days ago, I finished the newly released Stephen King thriller “The Institute”, all were borrowed from my local libraries with Over Drive. I believe that e-books and e-readers are the best thing that has happened for book lovers since the invention of the Gutenberg Press. Truly a wonderful societal and technical advance.
    Happy “READ AN EBOOK DAY” everyone!

    Don Johnson
    September 18, 2019

  10. Free ebooks from the library without ever leaving home. I love it!

  11. It took me a bit to get used to an eReader, now I love it soooo much! I always have a ton of books in my pocket, what’s not to love about that!
    Right now I am reading Nine Perfect Strangers!

  12. I enjoy my books these days borrowed from my locals library. So easy and you never have to dust them. Of course, I still have my favorites in print. In particular Charolette’s Web by E.B. White.
    I taught 2nd grade for 32years. I read this novel to my class EVERY year. At the end of the year, I gave every student their own copy.
    I asked them to read it again in high school, and again in college or trade school, and when they were in their 30’s. I promised the characters would never change but the people in their lives that matched those characters would change.
    I am 71 now. I just reread it. Indeed,within the members of my church, of all places, I can point out a Templeton, Goose, Fern, Avery, and so on. All too often, that snooty Sheep shows up first. Lol!

  13. Waiting on new Nora Roberts book. Read all her books. Love getting library books thru my ereader. I get all new books when they are released quickly without buying. Just finished new book by Susan Wiggs. It was great. Get all Susan Mallory books this way. Has saved me lots of money. I love it

  14. Makes it easy to have my book with me at ALL times

  15. Love Ebooks!! I keep my Kobo with me at all times, great to keep a full library handy, I have several crochet books and can easily access patterns quickly. Also, great for recipe books.
    Of course, I also read books. Can’t wait to read Wanda Brunstetters the Hope Jar series. There is a long waiting list for that one.

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