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  1. Love borrowing ebooks and eaudiobooks from my library to read and listen to on my phone. Starting the second book in the Masterminds series by Gordon Korman today. #ebooklove

  2. Books keep me sane, help me escape.The Bloody Jack series about a girl pirate is funny and outrageously unbelievable sometimes, but also very adult about war, murder, rape, sodomy, slavery, scary stuff.

  3. Ebooks are a travel essential! I’m a fast reader so can easily download library books via Overdrive & have several books to read while away.
    Currently reading Killing Eve No Tomorrow by Luke Jennings – so good!

  4. I really need to have #ebooklove printed on a t-shirt! I almost have my kindle with me as I love keeping an entire library stored on it. I frequently check out books from Overdrive and always have more than enough time to read them within the 3 week window. Currently reading “The Institute” by Stephen King. God I love his writing!

    1. Oh, I just finished that yesterday!! You will love it!!!!

  5. I just finished reading My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Vol. 5. Love the characters and side stories from the main BNHA universe. A fun read, and I will continue to enjoy reading the next installment!

  6. I love going into the overdrive/libby apps. I find the ebooks I love and I am able to read a brief overview of the books. I love cozy mysteries and read a number of them a week. I have the books on my phone so where ever I go and have time I can pull up the book and read. It’s so easy to down load. I like checking out both overdrive and libby. I prefer checking out on overdrive and love reading them on the libby app. I’m so grateful to have ebooks available. I like reading in bed and love that the app has settings to adjust the lighting that I don’t disturb my husband. The setting for the print size is great also. Love the apps! Thanks!

  7. Reading Hidden Figures. Love reading ebooks. So easy to carry with me and read while waiting for appointments.

  8. Just received the Homecoming e-book by Andrew Pyper. I think it will be a wonderful, eerie, mysterious read. Should keep me up long after I should be abed!! Love mysteries – and love e-books!!

  9. Just finished both Under Currents and Vendetta in Death which were both wonderful, entertaining reads. Nora/J.D. really delivers.

  10. With six foster kids ranging from age 2 to 18, I seldom have quite reading time so audiobooks have been a major enjoyment the past few years while cleaning, cooking, and especially during the multiple trips for school activities and appointments. I love all kinds of books, but James Patterson and Janet Evanovich are two favorite authors.

  11. Currently reading Mindhunter. So much more to the stories than the TV show gives!

  12. Just watched Ready Player One with the fam over the weekend. Now I’m reading #ebook form of it. Yes it’s very different. But I’m liking it.

  13. Just finished “Test Drive” and going to read “Say No to the Duke”. Love the Overdrive app and BBC n it saves me money. LOL

  14. Reading dead as a door knocker by Diane Kelly, love it! Cozies help me deal with chronic pain.

  15. After the last few surgeries, I have been stuck at home. Overdrive and my local library have provided both adventure and escape. So many books, and fun series to try to list; however, one of my favorite series has been the Russell & Holmes books by Laurie R. King.
    The audiobooks have been a lifesaver for me.

  16. Just checked out “The Country Ahead of Us the country behind us” by David Guterson. Have read some other books written by him and enjoyed them. Love ebooks because they travel with you so easily. Thanks Overdrive!

  17. Since acquiring my e-reader, I have discovered a world of intriguing and challenging authors. I am never without a book to read wherever I am. It’s been a life-changing experience. Right now, I am immersed in 17th century London reading the Weight of Ink. What a treat!

  18. Ebooks are extremely important to me since my vision has declined so rapidly. Also with my other disabilities it’s just about impossible to get to the library sometimes. I have read many books from the library in the past year and hope that this is a feature of the library that I may continue to enjoy for many years to come. Overdrive has made my life so much easier with the ability to download a book within seconds and read to my hearts content. Thank you for this amazing feature!

  19. Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan. Been picking away at this giant series for the last 15 years!

  20. Love the ability to always have my ebooks with me. Easy reading when I have a few minutes waiting to pick up kids. Audio ebooks when I’m cleaning the house or driving around doing errands.

  21. 99% of the 68 books I have read this year have been on an e-book.
    The Overdrive access in my Kobo and the adjustable font sizes has been a Godsend for my poor vision.
    Because of e-books, reading is once again back in my life and my primary form of information and entertainment.

  22. Always have an ebook ready for solo meals and bedtime and and an audio book for driving, so reading all the time.

  23. I just finished Unhinged, which is book two is the Splintered series by A.G. Howard. Love to read different types of fairy tail books and the spin he gives Alice in Wonderland is amazing. Can’t wait to start book three today.

  24. Just finished Dressmaker’s Gift, great WWII and present day read!

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